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Considerations on Power

1.    Power is in the present moment, here and now.

2.    Vision is concretized through persistent harnessing of power.

3.    True power does no harm to self, other people, other species.

4.    Managing power well is part of Spiritual craftsmanship.

5.    Money, position, fame, and talent are resources no identities.

6.    Spiritual power seeks to uplift others, not be put above them.

7.    Both body and psyche have to be strong to handle power.

8.    Power is in choosing to act, not react.

9.    Powerful world service begins with full responsibility for self.

10.  Spirit-infused power serves then detaches from results.

11.   Words are decrees. Bless and release; curse and bind.             

12.  The chalice emptied into the world is endlessly refilled..

by Gloria

From her book

Barefoot On Holy Ground

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Considerations on Will

1.    The Higher Will is to the Divine as the sunbeam is to the sun.

2.    The Will is a Divine Birthright freely given to everyone.

3.    The unconditional gift of the Will brings choice and consequences.

4.    The longing for “Thy Will” is the longing to be oneself.

5.    The Higher Wills of all are connected and can be contacted.

6.    The Will sets up an energy matrix drawing supply to itself.

7.    The Higher Will perceives pain and failure as opportunities.

8.    The Higher Will knows life is abundant; the fears lack.

9.    “My will is Thy Will” affirms the union of Heaven and Earth.

10.   Non-resistance to challenges frees the Will to learn and grow.

11.     Intention focuses the Will. Patience brings it to fruition.

12.    “I Am” is the mantra of the will, free to live its truth.

By Gloria Karpinski

From her book

Barefoot On Holy Ground

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Considerations on Discernment

1.    Unflinching self—honesty is the bases for discernment.

2.    Wait to speak, believe, and act. Breathe. Wait a minute.

3.    Unquestioned assumptions are potentially lethal.

4.    Discerning disciples ask: “Do I choose to energize this?”

5.    Discernment fuses intuition, experience and knowledge.

6.    Listen. Question. Evaluate. Choose. Then trust yourself.

7.    Non-critical laughter restores perspective.

8.    Wisdom never judges, but is always discriminating.

9.    Seek inside, not outside, to discern your truth.

10. Discernment reveals the lies behind prejudices.

11. Disciples seek mentors that “walk their talk.”

12. Self-judgments are projected onto others.

by Gloria Karpinski

From her book

Barefoot On Holy Ground

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Considerations – A Twelve Part Series

  1. Knowledge obeys the spiritual law; “Seek and you shall find.”
  2. Knowledge provides the maps; we must make the journey.
  3. Knowledge illuminates the blindness of superstition.
  4. Myths and symbols depict dynamics, not fixed realities.
  5. A “beginner’s mind” is unbiased, and therefore teachable.
  6. Intelligence exists in every atom of life and can be contacted.
  7. Mind is a process, always interacting with other processes.
  8. Wisdom synthesizes the knowledge of mind, body and spirit.
  9. One who knows is free to say, “I don’t know” and learn more.
  10. Knowledge solves and creates mysteries simultaneously.
  11. Science is God/Goddess revealed. All seekers are true scientists.
  12. Knowledge prepares the vessels that revelation fills.

By Gloria Karpinski

From her book

Barefoot On Holy Ground

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