Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Once awake and committed, we become caretakers of the new vision for our Earth. In order to stay poised in the chaos, we need to be both still and skilled. That vision asks us to become practical mystics whose inspirations are from the heavens and whose feet are on the ground. All of the classes, workshops and intensives are designed to support that balance.
— Gloria


OCTOBER 24-27, 2019
SACRED SERVICE: AN INTENSIVE, St. Francis Springs Prayer Center*, Stoneville, NC

“The perceptional shift from self-identity to Self-Identity opens the door to freedom. And it brings a whole new set of challenges in the physical world….”

For more information about Sacred Service, please click here.

NOVEMBER 7-9, 2019
BAREFOOT ON HOLY GROUND: 12 LESSONS IN SPIRITUAL CRAFTSMANSHIP, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship**, Unity of the Triangle, Raleigh, NC

Thurs, Nov 7, 7:15-9:30 p.m.
Gloria’s Evening Talk, “Barefoot on Holy Ground: An Introduction to Spiritual Craftsmanship”

Sat, Nov 9, 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Gloria’s Workshop, ”Twelve Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship”

For more information about both the evening program and the workshop, please click here.

*About St. Francis Springs Prayer Center

Once you turn onto the grounds of St. Francis Prayer Center, you breath more deeply. It is a sacred sanctuary for renewal and rest. There is a large teaching room with breakout rooms for the Intensives in June and October. There are chapels indoors and out, a labyrinth, trails through the woods, a waterfall, a library, quiet places to meditate, a supportive staff and comfortable rooms with baths and delicious healthy food.

In the July retreat  weekend we will be in the cottages set in the woods.

Come join us in this special place. 

**About Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship of Raleigh has been shining a light into the metaphysical community since 1973 by sponsoring programs that facilitate personal growth and development and a holistic approach to health and living.



Years ago, I took my granddaughter, then 18 months old, into my meditation garden. I turned around to see her sitting in front of an angel statue, answering the angel’s kiss with one of her own. Fortunately, I had my cell phone in hand and caught the moment.

With love,


Please note: 

Gloria is taking an open-ended sabbatical in order to focus on writing her third book. If you’d like to be placed on Gloria’s wait list, please let us know. Gloria will also be offering occasional ONE-DAY CLASSES at her classroom in Winston-Salem, NC – please be sure to check back here on her website regularly for class updates.


In order to provide the highest quality service and communications to our friends and clients, we are in process of updating our contact list. If your contact information has changed since we last heard from you, please contact us with your most recent email address and phone number: (336) 724-2027 or

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Gloria Karpinski, 2018.

Gloria Karpinski, 2018.



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Messages from the Garden are inspiration and guidance from Spirit. Please enjoy this gift....
From my heart to yours,


A Story of Transformation

One of the things I loved about the property I have lived on for 30 years was a grove of trees in the backyard, many of them quite large. Then in 2005 there was a huge ice storm that lasted for days. Nine trees in the grove fell during that storm. It was a total mess. For weeks, I watched these beautiful trees lying all over each other. In the process, I also noted the ones that didn’t fall. 

In the spring the stumps were removed, the accompanying mess cleaned up and much to my surprise, the result was a circle of growth that had not been destroyed; on one side bamboo, even dogwoods that had survived, a very old azalea bush that spread, and a Japanese Maple still in a young stage was present.

I realized that from this ice storm and its destruction a very special place had emerged. And it has become just that, a sacred sanctuary. A refuge for meditation, relaxation, taking deep breaths.

In the middle of the destruction dynamics that happen in our lives we can sometimes see and feel loss, sadness, shock and disappointment. The process of things falling apart, often seemingly mindless or pointless, (operative word “seemingly”), we don’t in the destructive moments have the perspective or awareness of what is being created deep in the garden of our soul, that will manifest in ways we don’t yet know.

One thing is sacrificed that another is born. In the middle of things, it can be hard to see purpose, but there is…to believe you will love again, thrive again, be healthy again and feel spiritually connected again.




Betz McKeon is leaving my office to continue her Healing Touch Practice at Baptist Hospital. She has certainly been a blessing to me and others whose lives she has touched while here. I certainly wish her well and know that she will be an asset wherever she serves.

Another blessing has arrived in my office with the addition of Teresa Webb who is starting now to work with me. Teresa is an ordained minister and an accomplished professional with a diverse background. She will be in my office on Mondays and Tuesdays and is the contact person for registering for workshops.

Since I am writing a new book, I am only teaching a limited number of classes and all of them will be in North Carolina for the rest of the year. I invite you to look at the calendar and consider joining me for a workshop or intensive.