Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Shared Thoughts

Affirming Prayer

The Creator, the Child, the Spirit of Life

I am a Being of Light

Son/Daughter of the Mother-Father-God.

I walk consciously upon the Earth,my physical home.

I choose to Serve all Life expressing on this Holy Ground.

I open my Mind and Heart to Receive Blessings.

I pour forth Blessings from my Mind and Heart.

I invoke the protection of Divine Light.

For the Privilege of Serving and Sharing, I give Thanks.

~by Gloria

Considerations on LOVE

1.    Love is constant, undisturbed by shifting circumstances.

2.    Love accepts our "crazy" places, warts, foibles, and secrets.

3.    Love embraces light and shadow as the original dynamic duo.

4.    Love's compassion serves others, but it doesn't bind them.

5.    Love is authentic; all feelings, pain as well as joy, are real.

6.    Love is a healing mist penetrating every molecule of life.

7.    Love aspires to be harmless in thought, word, or action.

8.    Love has reverence for life no matter what form it takes.

9.    Love assists, but it doesn't rescue or steal lessons from us.

10.   Love is grateful for all experiences no matter what they bring.

11.   Love forgives even when it must discipline or say good-bye.             

12.  Love is poised in chaos, centered, peaceful, remembering.

~by Gloria

From her book Barefoot on Holy Ground