Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle


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Gloria is taking an open-ended sabbatical in order to focus on writing her third book. If you’d like to be placed on Gloria’s wait list, please let us know. Gloria will also be offering occasional ONE-DAY CLASSES at her classroom in Winston-Salem, NC – please be sure to check back here on her website regularly for class updates.



“A person committed to living truth is like sunshine in a darkened room. Such a person simply lights up, blesses and encourages Life wherever they are. We are always ‘works in process,’ but the nature of the work changes as we make the choice to live consciously. Each stage brings new insights, challenges and opportunities. Many of us have studied spiritual practices and taken responsibility for our lives through therapies and teachings. Now we are in the process of synthesizing both that knowledge and wisdom. As disciples of the Beloved, by whatever name we honor the Presence, we are empowered in our quest by the sharing, intimacy and encouragement of others of like mind. It supports us as we take our next steps.”

Gloria offers five types of programs: Lectures, Salons, Celebration Rituals, Workshops, and Intensives. She also offers a year long program for 12 people per class called Dakshina…Offering to Spirit. The prerequisite for this is to have had a counseling session or workshop with her. Information about this program can be obtained through the office.

Classes include the following:

Lectures are generally one to two hours and are created specifically for the sponsoring group on a mutually agreed upon subject. While Gloria has a repertoire of lectures, she likes to tailor them to specific groups. Material from any workshop can be adapted to a lecture.

Salons normally run approximately 4 hours and offer an interactive session of questions and answers following a lecture concluding with summary discussion.

Celebration Rituals gather poetry, music, dance and visuals under the umbrella of a theme. Generally other people are needed to facilitate the experience. While it is not a prerequisite, this kind of program is best suited to a conference environment. While longer events such as weekend workshops or intensives normally include a celebration ritual designed for that event and included as part of that event, one created outside Gloria’s normal roster (titles and descriptions contained in this document) will need to be discussed on an individual basis.

Workshop material can be adapted to a 1 to 2½ day format. If a weekend presentation is preferred, an introductory lecture can be offered on Friday evening with a full day Saturday, Saturday evening and half day Sunday (or the equivalent during weekdays). Workshops include lectures, exercises and meditations around the chosen theme.

Intensives take place over three to five days. The number of participants is between 20 and 30, all of whom must be present the entire time. Intensives are highly experiential and progressive, each day building on the discoveries and experiences of the days and nights before. Each Intensive includes a healing service, a ritual, both private and group experiences, silent periods and relaxed times that balance the intense inner work that is part of this experience. Dancing, singing, chanting, drumming and the sharing of a wide variety of creative expressions are part of the energy of an Intensive.

Scheduling Events: Due to the nature of Gloria’s work, scheduling well in advance is suggested. To discuss scheduling and program considerations, please call the office at 336-724-2027, or email Gloria Karpinski at You may also e-mail Gloria’s assistant at