Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Considerations on Discernment

1.    Unflinching self—honesty is the bases for discernment.

2.    Wait to speak, believe, and act. Breathe. Wait a minute.

3.    Unquestioned assumptions are potentially lethal.

4.    Discerning disciples ask: “Do I choose to energize this?”

5.    Discernment fuses intuition, experience and knowledge.

6.    Listen. Question. Evaluate. Choose. Then trust yourself.

7.    Non-critical laughter restores perspective.

8.    Wisdom never judges, but is always discriminating.

9.    Seek inside, not outside, to discern your truth.

10. Discernment reveals the lies behind prejudices.

11. Disciples seek mentors that “walk their talk.”

12. Self-judgments are projected onto others.

by Gloria Karpinski

From her book

Barefoot On Holy Ground

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