Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

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Considerations on Creativity

1.    Create with care; it matters. Let go gently. All things pass.

2.    Creating is inevitable. It is conscious? That’s the question.

3.    Clarity of intention is a requirement for powerful creation.

4.    Sexual energy is the golden vitality of the universe.

5.    The universe will fill whatever size container is open.

6.    Inhale the grace; exhale your gift. One breath, indivisible.

7.    Forever lovers, Yin and Yang expand/contract, give/receive.

8.    Perhaps “they” were wrong. In the silence, listen. It is good.

9.    When “How am I doing” becomes “This is a gift,” energy shifts.

10. Embrace your fears, and they will become your allies.

11. Life is movement, not a museum. Delight in risks and shifts.

12. Create with awareness of the effect unto seven generations.

By Gloria Karpinski

From her book

Barefoot On Holy Ground

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