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Living In A Miracle - Part 3 of 3 - Mother Meera


Sometimes we are afraid of the force of her moist, dark, vital sexuality, for she is that as well. She brings all life into form. In that reproductive form, she has been persecuted, even made responsible for all the ills on our planet…symbolized in Eve and Pandora, to mention only two. She is nature. And we’re ambivalent about that.

Because we don’t regard nature with total respect, we seek to conquer her. There is a high correlation between the denial of the Divine Feminine, the raping of women psychologically, socially, politically, and physically, and the raping of the land. When we perceived ourselves as dependent on the good Earth, we honored the Mother of nature and worshipped Her. We dismissed Her when we had the arrogance to think we could conquer nature.

Our Mother teaches us wisdom, not just knowledge. She teaches us of the unbroken connectedness of all life, its wholeness and its holiness, and she insists that we honor that life wherever it is found – in her green growing children, the four-legged ones, the winged ones, the two-legged ones of every race, and in both genders.

We need her inner guidance opening our intuition and hearts, stretching our understanding into inclusiveness, moving us from the specific to the universal and insisting that we examine consequences of our so-called progress. Without that guiding wisdom, we can be like a breed of intellectually precocious but underdeveloped children out of control, building more and more efficient ways to annihilate each other and wreck havoc with the intricately interwoven patterns of nature, patterns that took eons to build.

So, even in the midst of our pain, our healing begins. As I write this, I think of the women I have seen that carry even unto today the rage and terror of the burning times, the holocaust of the middle ages when religion sanctioned the systematic torture and death of millions of women. And I have heard the legacy of these times echoing down through three more centuries, depositing traces of its paralyzing fears in our collective unconscious. And I think the Goddess for the healing in progress.

We are hot on the trail of recovering awareness of our Mother, exploring terrain rarely charted in the Western psyche – risky, dangerous, even forbidden territory. There are a lot of excellent guides to take us beyond the boundaries set by patriarchy – teachers, books, CDs, ritual, workshops, all kinds of gatherings that celebrate feminine knowing, knowledge of the goddess traditions and resurrection truths that challenge crippling theologies that have been suspicious of nature, often choking off life itself, and certainly denying 50 percent of the Divine.

You do not have to go to Germany or anywhere to know the Mother through Mother Meera, much as it is thrilling to do so. She lives in you. So all you really have to do is ask –not beg – just ask prayerfully, expectantly, as a trusting child asks of a benevolent parent. While she may strip away your illusions, it is only to make it possible for you to see and then be your truth. And She will provide the inner strength and support you need to grow into your truth.

By Gloria Karpinski

Living In A Miracle - Part 2 of 3 - Mother Meera


They come to us and endure the pain inherent in being in this dimension for one reason only – love of us. It is a sacrifice for love that, of course, none of us can fully comprehend, but in the recognition of the unqualified pureness of that love, I have learned more about Jesus, Krishna, Kwan Yin, Mary, Meera, and the others who have blessed our planet than all of the books and speculations that have passed through my mind put together. Through Mother Meera, for example, I have deepened my understanding of Jesus. A meditation on this divine love fills me with gratitude, humility, and awe so deep I can find no expression in the universe big enough to hold it.

There is the place within us, male and female, that is beyond polarity, that is whole in its essence. We incarnate into one gender or the other to satisfy our karma and the creative laws of the physical. Spiritual disciplines from all over the world are guideposts for returning to the state of wholeness that is truly androgynous in the pure sense of that word. We have deep wounds from our forgetfulness of that wholeness.

Our myths express the externalization of this holy yin/yang dance through story, giving insight into very complicated psychological processes and describing the inner landscape. Myths, religions and spiritual symbols, rituals – they all form the language of the unconscious for us to see. Before we fully choose for ourselves, our powerful myths tell us what is right and wrong, what will be rewarded and punished. Basically, we learn what is going to be acceptable in our society.


It’s likely that in growing up you didn’t have an Isis or a figure such as the beloved Tara of Tibet, a highly evolved princess who became bodhisattva, one who has mastered but stays to help others. Where were the reflections of the multifaceted aspects of the mother such as the East offers – the elegant Saravati, creator of languages, author of sciences and mathematics, queen of knowledge as well as wisdom. Or the Earth Mother Kali, destroyer of time. Or White Buffalo Woman, who brought the peace pipe to the American Indians. Where were the temples of the divine feminine, the rituals, the images, the sacred scriptures of the various queens of heaven, the words of a feminine deity to inspire and instruct?

I can track my own relationship to Mother Meera back to my childhood questions. By 11 years old, I was puzzled about the absence of a female deity in my culture. I was raised in a Protestant church in a midsized Southern town. Mary, mother of Jesus, was not even a relevant figure in that setting. She was brought out as a part of a larger drama once a year at Christmas, but that was it. I quickly got the message that the very mention of a goddess was strangely dangerous. But I didn’t have the scholarship to challenge the system at that point. So I simulated and acceptance, which is what most of us did.

We have denied the Mother for so long. The world has done a major repression over the past 3500 years of the truths of the feminine. For a great majority of Western people, it is still questionable to even speak of a Divine Mother. For many it is quite scary, almost sinful, as if to say there is a Cosmic Father who is going to punish us if we mess around with loyalty to Him. That sounds foolish, I know, but in the privacy of your heart and meditations, ask yourself how comfortable you are with saying “God-She” and not be making a joke: Or to capitalize the Goddess and really mean it – to feel easy with it and not defensive and angry. We all long for wholeness. And we are not whole when we only honor half of our divine nature.

By Gloria Karpinski

Living A Miracle - Part 1 of 3 - Mother Meera

Meera means miracle. Mother Meera is a miracle. I want to share a small part of my experience with her. To put words to a miracle, thus to any experience with her, is challenging. I find that none of the words fit; they don’t stretch enough or they seem pretentious. When we use words to describe lesser realities, they don’t seem powerful enough to describe the radiances that she embodies and call forth within us.

Mother Meera incarnated into a female body in India. Small and beautiful, wrapped in shimmering saris, she is, as one would expect, very compelling in her presence. According to all reports, she repairs the house, shops, tends to the garden, and is an excellent cook. She now lives and dispenses darshan (blessings) from her home in Thalheim, Germany, a small conservative town not far from Frankfurt, as well as several other places including Asheville, North Carolina, USA.  They are not you basic Hollywood idea of a setting for such a drama. But then neither was Nazareth.  Or the many other places Avatars have chosen.



People come from all over the world to receive her darshan. In silence, one person at a time, she touches and blesses releases and calls forth, accelerating the evolution of all.  With her eyes – her amazing eyes – and her touch, she unties the knots of bondage and gently, firmly calls you to yourself. She does this without a word. From the moment you are seated, sharing this holy space with pilgrims from France, South Africa, the Orient, and the Americas, until she arrives, and throughout the next few hours, you are held in a living, vital breath. I experienced moments of being breathed into infinity, then lovingly returned to awareness of my ego self; breathing in, breathing out; expansion/contraction, the dance of life.

There are no hiding places with Mother Meera. Her light reaches deep into shadows, recovering wounded and fearful energies that have blocked the way. This living in a miracle is a gift beyond measure, albeit not the most fun for the ego in the short run, but for the serious student (and ultimately that is all of us), it is pure grace. Everyone I have known has experienced an acceleration of the karmic issues they are using for growth and a new-found strength to complete those issues. Invariably, thegratitude is high as all of us realize how many plodding, trial and error efforts, indeed how many lifetimes, have been burned away by this grace. A great teacher can affect your life positively; a master can alter your life pattern; and an avatar can change your evolution.

Avatars are a gift of grace to us. They are on a direct assignment from the godhead. From realms of light, avatars bring to us revelation and aquickening in our evolution. They transcend religions, even though religions are often built on their teachings. But they are beyond separatism and dogma. Their message is always one of universal love and unity.

By Gloria Karpinski