Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

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Considerations on the Body

1.    Mind exists in each cell and can be contacted.

2.    Breath. Say “yes” to this day. Breathe and release yesterday.

3.    The body is of the Earth. Both require respect and loving care.

4.    A healing for any one of us is ultimately a gift for all of us.

5.    Physical purification often accelerates with spiritual dedication.

6.    Surrender expands possibilities; quitting eliminates them.

7.    Remember the Infinite self; celebrate the finite self.

8.    The Mother/Father/God has no hands and feet but ours.

9.    Embraced with compassion, pain can be transformational.

10. Soul intention is fulfilled through the body, not in spite of it

11. Gratitude empowers and enhances the immune system.

12. Pain is an experience; suffering is a response.

by Gloria Karpinski

From her book

Barefoot On Holy Ground

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