Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

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Considerations On Serving

1.    What if the future turned upon your next act? What then?

2.    Motion isn’t action. Choose carefully.

3.    Peak experiences touch the spirit. Serving materializes it.

4.    No one feels ready to serve life, but life is ready to use you.

5.    Look closely. The one you serve wears the face of the Beloved.

6.    Evolution has no elite corps, only those who serve it.

7.    Random acts of kindness are a start toward a life of kindness.

8.    Don’t confuse real need with misplaced desire.

9.    Cooperation instead of competition allows everyone to win.

10. Trust the process. Fruit grows naturally from seed.

11. My brother’s keeper? I am my brother and my sister..

12. All of the past served the present that I may serve the future.


By Gloria Karpinski

From her book:

Barefoot On Holy Ground

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