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Poise In Chaos

We are being called by the soul of our beloved planet to bring all of our love, insight and training to this moment. We must be poised in chaos – sending forth healing energy for the pain of transitions, holding visions while the shadows in our civilization are brutally revealed, naked before our eyes. There is no way to look away.

Poise in the midst of madness requires us to find inner peace and then share all of our resources, building anew from a foundation of peace. We must pray without ceasing, the continuous prayer that keeps us in present moment, present with suffering and needs of all of our brothers and sisters, also holding that sacred peace for our four-legged relatives as well as our winged, finned and green growing ones.

Through prayer we align ourselves with infinite possibilities. NO matter how many negative images are offered up daily, the power of “Kyra Eleison” and “Om Tara, Tutare, Ture, Svaha” echo through the mind, and I can breath again.

I release my own responses so that I can be a clearer channel for my part in our treacherous journey. As I empty, I can be filled. Here I am: guide me.

Someone wise once said “Silence is Complicity,” and I know this to be true. Anger can be collected and directed with purpose. Managing the anger; that’s the challenge. Perhaps it is as simple, and as complex, as choosing consciously to harness anger, not to divide, but to discern right action and right words. Such a conscious skill takes practice, practice and more practice, for fear would take the anger and fuel the chaos.

The question I ask myself and I ask you to consider: Can I bring love to even this moment? And now this moment? Not a mandate for the uncommitted.

The time for accountability is surely coming. And that accountability will have to include more than the obvious decision makers. It must include every one of us who has kept silent through lethargy, self interest, fear, greed or even the sense of powerlessness before institutions that seem beyond our influence. We will all have to examine our insistence – or lack of it – on environmental protection; how carefully we monitored – or didn’t –the choices our elected officials have made about our land, the use of our taxes, the appointments of our public figures. This appears to be overwhelming – and humbling – to contemplate. And yet, it is liberating to wake up, let go and participate in the reality of our world whirling in change and challenge.

Now we must speak up and act up, not only with immediate support, but with lasting changes that persistent questions, educated votes and spiritual visions can bring. We will birth the new promised for our planet regardless of the difficulty of the labor.

                   Thank you for your attention while I “preached to the choir.”

                             Bless be the Choir!


By Gloria