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Body Tyrannies: 12 ways to NEVER find peace in your body

  1. Meet the CCC standards (Current Criteria for Correctness)
  2. Avoid the A word (Aging) and refuse to accept cycles of life.
  3. Look to the media to teach you the one standard for beauty.
  4. Compare yourself to others. It will keep you sharp.
  5. Don’t eat if necessary: thin is better than well.
  6. Never accept yourself just as you are. Remodel for perfection.
  7. Define your self image by your sex appeal.
  8. Accept all Internet information about our health without question

Exercise: An Antidote for the Tyrannies

  1. Stand nude in front of a mirror. Begin with the top of your head and work way down to your toes, giving thanks for every single function of this miraculous instrument. Appreciate the design and unique beauty of each part. Bathe it in approval. If you have trouble doing this with any part, breathe and remind yourself that you have been programmed to deny or criticize. Claim your power to choose and approve. Do it again and again until you feel as a loving, parent toward your body.
  2. Anoint each part of your body evoking a holy name. Holy names, including sacred qualities, embody power. Each part of yourself that you touch in love and compassion will light up with the Presence. You can do this for another as well. “In the name of the Beloved (the Christ, Quan Yin, the Buddha, your Guru, etc.) or In the name of Truth, I bless my eyes, my head, etc.”