Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle


We are in many ways just like fish constantly swimming to and fro in the ocean, when all the while the ocean itself is the answer, and its name is Grace. Its bounty has never been witheld.
It is through Grace that we are able to lay down the burdens of our lives. We have only to forgive ourselves, and each other.
It is through Grace that we are given the opportunities to purify all our misconceptions.
Grace holds us in wholeness even as we see ourselves as separate.
Grace contains our darkest secrets and our greatest triumphs, judging neither.
Grace is love so profound, so unconditional, that we cannot name or limit it.
Grace transcends karma; it exists in God's time. The birth of Grace within us signals the completion of the endless round of birth and rebirth.
The Universal Christ -- by whatever name you remember it -- is the embodiment of Grace.

From Her Book

Where Two Worlds Touch

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