Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

to Oct 14

In Silence Together

  • St. Francis Springs Prayer Center (map)
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The intention for this gathering is Rest and Renewal. When people who seek peace come together in a sacred environment they reinforce individual needs by the presence of others seeking the same.

Days will begin with Guided Prayer and Meditation led by Gloria, followed by a morning of Silent Meditation your own. There are outdoor trails to walk and quiet places to sit, including at a waterfall or in Mary's Garden. There are also two chapels and a meditation room.

Meals will not be in silence and will offer a chance to share with friends.

The afternoons will start with one hour of sharing and then you will again be on your own. In our main room there will be a setup with all supplies for OPTIONAL making of soul cards and/or prayer beads for which Gloria will give simple directions, and then you are again on your own.

In the evenings we will chant, sing, tell stories and end the day with a group meditation.

FEE: $385 for single room (please call to confirm availability), $335 for double room. All inclusive.  Participation limited to 14. $50 deposit to hold your space, balance to be paid in September.

Register: or 336-724-2027
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9:30 AM09:30

Time: Dancing in Stillness - A One Day Class

We have flowed with it, fought with it, saved it, abused it, managed it, cried over it, tried to control it, suffered from lack of it and a dozen other ways of handling this reality that we often insist doesn’t exist, and then we run out of it.

It is easy to surrender to frenzy at this intensified moment in our evolution. But many things we value and aspire to have to marinate, unfold, reveal their truths. Soundbites can collapse into the posture of a cartoon character sitting in a meditative pose with the caption: “C’mon, inner peace – I don’t have all day.”

Every religion and mystical tradition has its own alternative form of time: recurrent, cyclic, cosmic, sacred, timeless. Each one proposes ways of escaping the bonds of ordinary time which, subjectively experienced, sometimes races and sometimes plods. All traditions teach ways to transcend.

Direct, intuitive knowing transcends time. Precognition, retrognition, prophecy, premonitions, healing, sudden knowing, synchronicity all challenge our careful sequential sense of time.

This workshop is not about managing time per se. There are lots of books on that. Rather it is about various ways we perceive time and are conscious with it or not. It’s about our relationship to time. And our choices. It’s about taking one more step toward being aware that there is plenty of time … and … the time is now. Like a wave and a particle, it is both happening now and is moving.

As we chose this time to be incarnated, it is important that we show up for all the opportunities the present offers us, acknowledging that our soul mandates will be fulfilled in the context of the rushing demands of our world. Each of us can create a still island of peace in which we live both in Kiros (eternal time) and Kronos (Earth time). Not one, not the other. Both … simultaneously.

“When one sees Eternity in things that pass away, and Infinity in finite things, then one has pure knowledge."  ~The Bhagavad Gita

FEE: $110

Register: or 336-724-2027
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to Aug 26

Interface: Life Is Talking. Are We Listening?

We live in an interdimensional and interconnected dance of energy with all of life.  Decoding your messages starts with awareness that you are always drawing guidance from this dance.  

Messages are everywhere and everyday…in nature, in our dreams, in our bodies, our relationships, and the patterns we have created; arriving through a comment casually said by another, or perhaps in a book written in another era and stating the one perfect thing you needed to read.  

What is your environment saying to you? Are you paying attention? As a friend was told in Spirit: "Answers are everywhere; pick one.”  

Sometimes we imagine that only certain people receive messages. Not so. That mythology persists if we don’t pay attention - and respect - the messages that are presented to us every day of our lives.

When our unchallenged assumptions are intact and running through their familiar neurological pathways in the brain, we can find ourselves living in the middle of our answers and swimming like the proverbial fish in an ocean looking for water.

YOU are living in your answers. So am I. Everyday. And we are messengers. Everyday.

The intention of this gathering is to offer a supportive exploratory environment for discovering more of your natural ability to translate the messages you are receiving from life - from repetitive patterns and personal symbols to your relationships with other forms of life. Above all, the intention is to encourage listening to your unique soul and the program includes meditations,  exercises indoors and out, dialogue and quiet time.

Saturday, August 25 - 8:30 Registration; 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday, August 26 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

FEE: $195, includes lunches

Registration: or 612-961-0499

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to Jun 10

Southeastern Spiritual Conference

Gathering in spiritual community is an empowering and deeply healing experience. This conference is a place where you can open your heart, relax, renew and remember in the company of other wonderful folks.

Gloria will offer a progressive afternoon workshop Thursday-Saturday, June 7-9, 1:30-3:30 pm - Seasons and Cycles: Changing the Aging Paradigm. (Information below.)

On Friday, June 8, 7:00-9:00 pm, Gloria will present the program, Synthesis: The Next Step. This program is open to the public for $10. (Information below.)

Seasons and Cycles: Changing the Aging Paradigm

Few myths and assumptions in our collective consciousness are as ambiguous and puzzling as the ones on aging. We spent time, money and energy to extend our time on Earth. Getting older is a good thing. And we spend equal amounts of time, money and energy to turn back time. The message: Getting old is not such a good thing.

Anyone born anytime in the 20th century has been imprinted by the message of the old paradigm. As transitionists between old and new, we have been challenging the old myths of every kind from the time we were babies. We are doing it more and more with aging.

It requires moving beyond a rant about the outer messages (seeking insight, we don't continually criticize the blind). It takes honesty, humor and compassion to examine your own myths and then discard the things you don't really believe or choose. The reward is living your own life, creatively, on your own terms ... all of your life. That is one of the goals of this workshop.

It is time that we no longer look wistfully at cultures who have celebrated and honored their elders and assume that our own will never change. It IS changing. We are part of that change.

***Since we begin to age as soon as we are born, this workshop will be helpful to anyone at any age.

Synthesis: The Next Step

Synthesis is he deep healing of the illusionary wound of Separation, from parts of ourselves, from each other, from the planet, and from Source.

Now is the time for taking the skills, knowledge, legacies of wisdom and our intuition, and fusing them with our planet Earth. This evening will offer some thoughts to support this healing intention.

"Once awake and committed, we become caretakers of the new vision for our Earth. In order to stay poised in the chaos, we need to be both still and skilled. That vision asks us to become practical mystics whose inspirations are from the heavens and whose feet are on the ground." ~Gloria

More information at:

Registration: or 919-477-7018

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10:00 AM10:00


Syn-the-sis (sin’tha sis): the putting together of parts or elements to form a  whole.

 Now that we have figured out a lot about ourselves through our various therapies as to who did what to whom, when and why…

 Now that we have examined some our major karmic patterns and are increasingly embracing them…

Now that we explored many philosophies, religions and points of view…

And now that we have accumulated notebooks filled with good ideas…  

…What is the intention now? 

…What do you want now? 

Many of us are finding that we want to claim an inner center of peace and simplicity from which we can manage our lives in an intense world. Congruence in mind, body and spirit is the goal. We now are seeking increased integration of that which we have been learning: what to keep andwhat to let go, not just in the physical world but in attitudes  and mind clutter.  

In a transitioning world where e-mails, cell phones, social networks, and a general overload of information, even choices, are constantly seducing us to give away time, attention, creativity and personal power, we need more than ever to choose carefully what we energize.

In the speed and intensity of keeping up with and serving our world, it isnecessary to stop, balance and ask, “Do I remember why I am here, and am I choosing what I want?” We can be supported as we address these questions in an environment where the questions themselves are understood and shared.

From Spirit through Gloria:

“In spite of the disharmony around you, you must be so synthesized in your choices that your living mandala vibrates with uncompromised clarity. You who share the vision will hold the pattern of a world in peace; a world which creates an environment in which all life forms can come to fruition; a world in which spirit is recognized as the essence of life and all life is honored; a world in which creative expression is celebrated, one in which wisdom guides knowledge and justice is the ground; a world in which the universal Christ is born again and again.

 It is an exquisite joy to be part of the ringing forth of such a mandala for planet Earth. But first you must create this synthesis within yourself, releasing and blessing every single step that has brought you out of the darkness. You must remain steady and not look back. The shift into a higher synthesis is as close as your next breath.

You are needed, you are loved, and you are ready. Like a flower that has endured the long night, welcome the dawn and bravely open yourself to the healing rays of the sun. The time of full flowering is near.”

FEE: $125, Includes Lunch



  • Mail in your Non-Refundable $65 Deposit
  • Or your $125 Full Payment.
  • Mail to: Center for Sacred Studies, Gloria Karpinski Workshop, PO Box 2904, Guerneville, CA 95446


Questions? Contact Valerie Hausmann: (707) 604-7362 or send email to

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to Oct 14

A Balanced Life - Series of 6 Evening Classes *CANCELED - To Be Rescheduled*

  • Gloria's Home Classroom (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

As we serve, so do we need to give ourselves soul refreshment. With the intention of focusing on the BALANCE that we all need, I am offering a six part series of evening classes beginning in October.

BALANCE is not a luxury: Our souls need it. Our health depends on it.

BALANCE cannot be put off … or … we can risk living our lives correcting imbalance instead of preventing it.

BALANCE is one of the key elements in the integration of mind, body and spirit.

BALANCE encourages us to be steady and calm in the midst of intensity, personal or collective.

Together, we inspire, support, encourage and empower each other as we meditate and dialogue with others who share our desires to be fully present in the world while remembering our spiritual identities.

Each evening will include:

   Reflections by Gloria*

   Guided Meditation*

   Group Dialogue

Each session will conclude with an exercise and/or a provovative seed question for the weeks between classes.

The series concludes with a residential weekend and program at St. Francis Prayer Center, October 12-14, priced separately.

Specific topics for each evening will be those that are relevant to walking our talk in the world. The intention is to deepen our understanding of universal principles at work in our lives. Her. Now. We all agree that the ideals of “being present” and being congruent can be challenging as we dance with shifting patterns, mind chatter, constant demands and stimuli, and the nagging pull of the familiar. We will explore tips and tools for creating sanctuary, both physical and mental, enchaning our communications with partos of ourselves and others.

*Reflections and Guided Meditations from each evening will be given to each participant via SendThisFile (digital files) or as CDs.

Fee: $360 for six part series; $100 deposit due with registration, balance due February 22.

Closing weekend at St. Francis priced separately and will not be billed until August. Fee $380.

Participation limited to 15. The Group will be closed after enrollment is full for the series.

FEE: $360 for 6 part series

$100 deposit upon registration; balance due February 22.

Registration: or 336-724-2027

PayPal / Visa / Mastercard / Check

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9:30 AM09:30

Managing the Mission - A One Day Class

The questions change as we claim the truths of our inner self.

Who is in charge here? Who and what has power in my life? What shall I do with the talents I have? With money, energy, time, status, privilege, education, knowledge – with all my many resources?

Who and what will have power in my life?

What am I going to give up in order to take the next step in my journey? When I no longer give authority to the outside and have arrived at my own cosmic edge, then I must trust my place in the universe, listening to inner guidance. I increasingly need to refine discernment and take full responsibility for all my choices. That freedom brings a whole new set of challenges and questions to the material world.

As the deepest soul intention takes charge, it absorbs more and more of our personality, integrating and redirecting many of our talents. Sometimes priorities suddenly change as does the management of one’s daily life and resources. Management of one’s energies from moment to moment is part of integrated training. Often we can be ambivalent on the subject to power – attracted by the possibilities to do good with it and wary of its misuses that we have observed or experienced.

Knowing that all real power comes from the Spiritual Source within, we will examine the very human questions of standing fearlessly in the power of our own truths with clarity and poise.

FEE: $110

Register: or 336-724-2027
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