Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Barefoot On Holy Ground


Barefoot On Holy Ground


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Rated's Best of 2001!
An Excerpt

With every step on the Path, we are invited deeper into a love that is both mysterious, and so practical it transforms everything it touches. Love continually corrects our meandering and brings us back to center. It realigns us with our purpose and breathes through us into the world. It stretches us until we know no strangers to our love. Love takes us into the fiery death of lies and resurrects us to truths...

Endorsements For Barefoot On Holy Ground:

"Graceful and elegant, yet powerful and commanding-these are the words that come to mind while reading Gloria's new book,BAREFOOT ON HOLY GROUND. As I travel the journey of this book, I know that I am being guided by a master. Her radiant presence shines through every page. Thank you, Gloria Karpinski, for such an inspiring gift."
Alan Seale
author of Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path

"All the ground we walk on is always holy; realizing that is another mattter. Gloria's wonderful and highly practical book on spiritual craftsmanship goes a long way towards helping us gain and keep that realization. This is an excellent compilation of wisdom and exercises that belongs in any spiritual seeker's library."
David Spangler
author of Blessings and Every Day Miracles

"BAREFOOT ON HOLY GROUND is an invaluable guidebook that will help each of us accomplish the work we have come to Planet Earth to do. This book is packed with insight and wisdom: insight into the joys and challenges; and wisdom into the pitfalls and snags that will confront each of us if we are genuinely pursuing our soul assignments. Gloria Karpinski is a very wise woman. She is an important teacher who articulates the spiritual demands placed upon those of us longing to be of service in our world."
The Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress
author of Walking A Sacred Path

"BAREFOOT ON HOLY GROUND is a goldmine of wisdom, heart, and vision. Gloria D. Karpinski is one of the great spiritual intuitives on the planet today. I love Gloria and her work, and so will you!"
Alan Cohen
author of The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore