Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

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Managing the Mission - A One Day Class

  • Gloria's Home Classroom Winston Salem, CA (map)

The questions change as we claim the truths of our inner self.

Who is in charge here? Who and what has power in my life? What shall I do with the talents I have? With money, energy, time, status, privilege, education, knowledge – with all my many resources?

Who and what will have power in my life?

What am I going to give up in order to take the next step in my journey? When I no longer give authority to the outside and have arrived at my own cosmic edge, then I must trust my place in the universe, listening to inner guidance. I increasingly need to refine discernment and take full responsibility for all my choices. That freedom brings a whole new set of challenges and questions to the material world.

As the deepest soul intention takes charge, it absorbs more and more of our personality, integrating and redirecting many of our talents. Sometimes priorities suddenly change as does the management of one’s daily life and resources. Management of one’s energies from moment to moment is part of integrated training. Often we can be ambivalent on the subject to power – attracted by the possibilities to do good with it and wary of its misuses that we have observed or experienced.

Knowing that all real power comes from the Spiritual Source within, we will examine the very human questions of standing fearlessly in the power of our own truths with clarity and poise.

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