Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

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  • St Francis Prayer Center 477 Grogan Road Stoneville, NC, 27048 United States (map)


Our capacity to create is infinite - and impossible to avoid. It never stops as long as we speak, desire, think or act. We take our aspirations and thoughts like cups to the river of life, and it fills them up without question, whether our cups be stingy little realities or big, bold dreams.

Part of the joy of being made in the image of God (and perhaps the true meaning of that phrase) is to create. That seems a strong enough reason to spend time focused on what creativity is about. Each of us is blessed with a divine gift - the unqualified free will to create realities as we will (and the fine print reminds us that we are responsible for what we create).

In the magical place between the formed and the unformed exists endless possibilities. Here there is no lack of abundance: raw material is everywhere, and all of nature's building blocks wait to be called into service. This is a place often more easily reached by the child within than the adult. But ever watch children at play? They are totally in the moment and they are completely serious about their play. So will we be.

In this Intensive we do play, explore, celebrate and experiment with that divine gift.  Through a variety of projects we create metaphors for shadow and light, fantasies and projections.  Highly experiential. Through games, dance, music, art and exercises we play with our imaginations, using the creative tools of color, sound, movement and each other.

This is not about artistic ability or skill. It's not about "art," unless you expand your definition to embrace the art of doing business, medicine, homemaking or whatever is your focus.  We're seeking to open greater access to our creative self so that whatever we do is done with greater imagination, concentration and joy. All that is needed for this Intensive is a genuine desire to free up the flow to all parts of ourselves and a willingness to stretch.  


FEE: $425

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