Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

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CLASS: Mystical Marriage: Quest for the Beloved: Class 3 of 3

All 3 Classes:
Saturday    9/9      9:30-5:30
Saturday    10/7     9:30-5:30         
Saturday    11/11     9:30-5:30

All things are born and held in the Mother’s womb:

Stars, wildflowers, the earth, you and me.
We long for our Mother.

Our Father breathes Will and Intention into creations

And life is named, actualized and directed.
We long for our Father

Like soul lovers, our divided selves seek "the other" until we find it in ourselves. This series of three is designed to assist memory of our wholeness and facilitate the quest for inner balance and integration.

We will explore methods for identifying truths we choose to own and wounds we need to heal. We will look at the archetypes of a patriarchal sky god, which dominated and Influenced our culture, and ancient archetypes of the Divine Feminine, too often dismissed or denied in our culture. Our intention will always be to understand how we personally internalize the archetypes and thus shaped our personal beliefs, then our choices. What serves our wholeness? What doesn’t? Where do we go from here?   

In our times these archetypes are being re-imagined. We are participants in the paradigm shift that has at its center the balance of yin and yang, inner and outer, heaven and earth. To serve this consciousness shift, we must first do it within ourselves.

Some of the best and most challenging challenges we have during our quest for the inner marriage are provided by our outer personal relationships. We are living in a time in which gender perceptions are rapidly changing. What is a free woman? What is a "new" man? How do couples, same sex as well as heterosexual, redefine relationships? Relationships quickly mirror psycho-spiritual changes. Sometimes those changes are shared by partners, sometimes they are not. Either way, as we grow we redefine intimacy needs. How do we find new and healthier ways of relating to each other? How do we build bridges between the traditional ways and the new possibilities? How do we reframe relationships as one chooses to live consciously? These are a few of the questions we will address through exercises, directed meditations, dialogue, and instructions.

This is material that is equally useful for men and women.  It includes guided imagery,  exercises, meditations, dialogue and a ritual of integration.

All 3 Classes: $350

Single Class: $135

Limited to 15 Participants
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Class in Winston-Salem.  Directions provided at registration.

Saturday    9/9      9:30-5:30
Saturday    10/7     9:30-5:30         
Saturday    11/11     9:30-5:30