Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

Gloria Karpinski's Center Circle

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WORKSHOP: Sacred Service

  • St Francis Prayer Center 477 Grogan Road Stoneville, NC, 27048 United States (map)

     Sacred Service….Sacred Activism: these are powerful phrases we are hearing more and more.  The evolving spiral has turned up the energy, and it invites us to be fully awake in our spiritual identity and fully present in the world—receptive, responsive, connected and involved.
      Awakeness and a desire to serve bring increased clarity and a whole lot of new questions.  
      You and I are creating the realities we share through our intentions, thoughts, emotions and actions, and there is great power in that realization. Consciously or unconsciously, if I am alive, I am creating, and you and I are creating together.
       As you and I are increasingly aware and aware that we are powerful,  radiant spirits with infinite possibilities, what are we going to create now?
     What has power in my life?  What shall I do with the opportunities and talents I have--with my education, contacts,  money, sexual(creative) energy, with social or professional position, with all my skills and resources including freedoms of every kind.
     What is the source of my power? How is spiritual power different from power generated by the personality?  What are the responsibilities and the temptations that accompany this emerging?
     How can I serve others and fulfill my personal goals? How can I better recognize when they intersect?
    How do I avoid burnout? What is my motivation in aligning with Sacred Service? Are my priorities rearranging?
        As the true Self absorbs the personality self more and more, it sculpts it to fulfill soul purpose. A strong imperative from within encourages conscious management of the lifeforce and resources.  
   This workshop explores ways of addressing some of these questions that arise from standing fearlessly, using creative power with clarity and poise. We will address these questions, explore techniques that ground visions, share through exercises and dialogue, meditation, and, above all, take deep breaths of remembrance of who we are and why we incarnated at this time.

FEE: $410  

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